1958 190SL Mercedes

Here we have the iconic 190SL Mercedes Roadster, known as Little Ern. An extremely rare car in stunning silver. Only 90 right hand drives left in the world and this is without doubt a gorgeous example.

Seating a maximum of 2 passengers.

Prices from £300

1960 190SL Mercedes

We also have in our fleet a slightly newer but just as exceptional 1960 190SL Mercedes. It has an eye catching cream and red interior combo. 

Seating a maximum of 2 passengers.

Prices from £275

1965 220SE Mercedes

1978 450SL Mercedes

The Beast... 4.5litre of power and luxury. Stunning example both inside and out, a big but elegant 70's classic 

Seating a maximum 3 passengers.

Prices from £175

1973 2002 BMW

Here we have Little Red, a stunning example of a 2002 BMW. The rare and sought after round rear lights model. Would be welcomed at any special occasion.

Seating a maximum of 4 passengers.

Prices from £175

1962 Suicide Door Fiat 500

The Italians most loved car. In an extremely rare suicide door model with its tiny 499cc engine. The cutest car you will ever see!

Seating 3 passengers

Prices from £175

1969 Seat/Fiat Jolly

The Jolly, the rich mans toy of the 60's. Loved and envied by many, a real head turner. A summer time fun car!

Seating 3 passengers.

Price from £175

1968 Morris Minor Convertible

No fleet is complete without a Morris Minor. Borris is an absolute joy to ride and receives smiles wherever he goes. One of the all time ultimate classic cars with a stunning colour combo. A fun and adorable convertible, that will make you smile from start to finish.

Seating 4 passengers.

Prices from £150

1990 325I BMW Cabriolet

A modern day classic with all the mod cons. Luxury motoring but still in the classic era.

Seating 3 passengers.

Prices from £150

1991 Nissan Figaro

Named locally as Big Ern, the ultimate cruising machine. Sheer luxury and class, and real head turner wherever he goes. just over 2000 ever built worldwide, treat yourself to this dream machine.

Seating a maximum of 4 passengers.

Prices from £275

Here we have Betty Boo, a modern day classic. In a gorgeous Emerald Green, she turns heads wherever she travels. It has ever gadget and gizmo under the sun, to make traveling in this beauty, effortless.


Seating 3 passengers.

Prices from £150

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1990 325I BMW

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